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Pony Recording is an affordable full-service audio recording studio, located on the beach of the Mississippi River in NE Minneapolis, in a one-of-a-kind setting.

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Our studio has a provocative live space, a comfortable control room, and a beautiful patio on the Mississippi River! We offer professional start-to-finish services, from recording to mixing and mastering at affordable rates that meet any project’s needs.

The live room

Mellow, intimate, intelligible--our live room is an easy place to hear yourself think, perform, and create your sounds.

Double sound-insulated doors and windows into the control room.

Room Dimensions 16’ x 20’ x 9’

The Control room

Acoustically neutral, equipped to record your sounds, spacious, and well-lit, our control room has river views and patio access.

Isolated with a floated floor. Comfortable listening environment

Room Dimensions: 16’ x 14.5’ x 8.5’

The river backyard

Host a bonfire on the Mississippi River in the arts district of NE Minneapolis to inspire your recording and songwriting sessions.

Private, landscaped, secluded, on the festive riverfront patio—you can go all night.

The staff

Steven Vander Horck is a performing musician, engineer, artist, and collaborator. He began recording in 2010, and in 2015 he started producing records in his own studio, Pony Recording. Steven can be found in the studio working behind the console, behind a set of drums on stage, or even playing tabla!

Patrick Ferrell is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, and mix engineer with a strong background in electronic, rock, pop, and experimental music. Having studied under dozens of industry professionals for over 15 years, no style, genre, or selection of equipment is ever overlooked.

Paul Flynn has been recording, mixing, mastering, producing, and performing professionally since 2003.  With a focus on folk, blues, jazz, rock, and the avant-garde, he is dedicated to achieving the right vibe for the job at hand.   Whether you’re a singer songwriter or a twelve-piece brass ensemble, no job is too big or too small.

Patrick + Steve
Patrick + Steve
Steve + Patrck
Steve + Patrck


Our collection of hardware is always expanding, here’s what’s on hand

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